The monthly money roundup is a curation of my favorite personal finance articles over the past month.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I did!

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Investment Management vs Financial Advice | A Wealth of Common Sense

I love this article!  This article really encapsulates how financial planning and investment management are different.  Almost every large investment company says they do financial planning.  But their definition of financial planning is glorified investment management.  Ben Carlson does a great job of showing what the difference is.  Real financial advice can help you “remove the guesswork.”

What are Qualified Expenses for a 529 Plan (and what doesn’t count)? | The College Investor

This is a great look at what expenses are considered “qualified” to be used by 529 plan assets.  When you use 529 plan funds for these qualified expenses, the growth of the funds is tax free.  You may be surprised by some items that qualify.

Why Gym Memberships Can Be a Smart Investment | Get Rich Slowly

I am a firm believer in the importance of fitness and taking care of your health.  Sure, it’s not the most frugal item on your monthly budget, but the positivity for your body and your mind is well worth it.  “The Greatest Wealth is Health.” – Virgil

How To Recover From Financial Mistakes | Club Thrifty

Are you perfect? No? Me neither.  We all mistakes and that includes financial mistakes.  But how will you recover?

“I would rather have money than just look like I do.”

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