The monthly money roundup is a curation of my favorite personal finance articles over the past month.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I did!

A Message for My Younger Friends | The Reformed Broker

Millennials, you’re going about investing all wrong. “Millennials hold more investments in cash and less in stocks than older demonstrations.” This shocked me. This is the exact opposite of how things should be. My favorite part of the article is the finishing line, “You have something better than all of the investing acumen in the world – you have the time to compound.”

Why Your Group Life Insurance is Not Enough | Wise Bread

This is a great article about your group life insurance through work. How do you get it? Is it enough? I often find that clients do not realize that supplemental life insurance (the kind you pay extra out-of-pocket for) gets more expensive as you age. It’s not always smart to have all of your life insurance through work. What if you get a new job that doesn’t offer group term?

15 Super-Easy Ways to Save Big Bucks at the Movies | Money Talks News

Enjoy going to the movies? I know I do. This post lays out a few cool ways to save some money on seeing films. I’m all about the matinee life.

Liberty HealthShare Review 2017: How We Save Thousands on Healthcare | Club Thrifty

This is a great summary of an alternative to Obamacare. As a small business owner, I felt the pain of not having employer provided health care. Using Liberty Health Share, I have been able to save 70% (!) on my monthly premiums and also have a much lower deductible (called the unshared amount).

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