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Nick Vail Financial Advisor Indianapolis

I am Nick Vail, the owner and writer for Remove the Guesswork. Thanks for reading!

My passion in life is building relationships.

I also enjoy serving others. Becoming a financial advisor was a way for me to do both of these things through financial planning.

To that end, I decided to start this blog. I believe that financial planning needs more attention. My goal is to give readers simple and actionable advice. If you want to bring clarity to your financial life, and have fun doing, you’re in the right place. By reading this blog, you’ll get valuable information on a number of topics. These include building wealth, eliminating debt, and saving money.

I am a co-founder and financial advisor with Integrity Wealth Advisors. We have 2 locations in Indiana; Granger and Indianapolis. We build lasting relationships through a unique financial planning experience.​

As an advisor, I specialize in working with those in the higher ed community. There is a lack of sound advice that is tailored to higher ed. I’m looking to change the game.

I was born and raised in South Bend, Indiana.

I graduated from Purdue University where I majored in Financial Counseling and Planning.

I have been quoted in places like Yahoo! Finance, Investopedia, U.S. News & World Report, and more. In addition, I have done a number of live local news segments on financial topics. You can see the articles and videos in our “In The Media” page.

I’m a big-time hoops fan. I also enjoy working out, reading, and checking out the latest Netflix programming.​




I absolutely LOVE Dairy Queen Blizzards. My go-to is Reese’s.

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