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Deciding to work with a financial advisor is a BIG DECISION. I can appreciate that it takes some due diligence on your end.  If you have any questions, please ask!  There is no such thing as a silly question when it comes to your finances.  After all, don’t you want to remove the guesswork?

You may have worked with an advisor previously, or may be working with one now.  We find that those are the clients that end up appreciating us the most!  Most of the individuals that we meet have never had a truly holistic financial planning experience that is client-centric.  Once you see the level of service we provide, as well as our personal approach, we know you’ll become a client for life.

You will never feel pressured in any way.  I will work with you to establish and prioritize goals.  Then I will help you to find strategies to help you reach those goals.  I am passionate about guiding my clients through uncertainty but I also realize that YOU are the captain of the ship, but I am here to help you navigate.

Trust is the foundation of any relationship.  I want to earn your trust.  This is why I take a fiduciary oath.  Throughout our relationship I will remain professional, transparent, and avoid conflicts.


Nick Vail Higher Ed Advisor

Who is Integrity Wealth Advisors?

Remove The Guesswork is my blog.  With blogging, I aim to give people actionable free advice and tips for pursuing financial independence.  When someone wants to take their financial planning to the next level, they work with me, my father, Billy, and associate, Dan, at Integrity Wealth Advisors.  We have the experience, expertise, and culture to help you throughout every phase of your financial life.  We are family-owned.  When you work with us, you communicate with us.  You don’t get passed on to anyone else.  You also won’t be calling into a client-service center in which the person on the other end of the phone has no idea who you are or what you’re like.  We prefer to give you personal service and build a lasting relationship with you.

What We Are


We don’t work for any large investment or insurance firm.  What this means for you is that we are unbiased and avoid any conflicts-of-interests.


We will always put your best interests before our own.  No exceptions.

Financial Planners

Every recommendation or strategy we present to our clients is in support of their unique goals and dreams.  We help you to leave no stone left unturned when it comes to your financial picture.


We will never ask you to blindly trust us.  We will help you to understand any strategy that we recommend so that you can be comfortable with your decisions.


We believe that financial planning doesn’t have to be stuffy and boring.  We love having a culture of fun.  Let’s work together and have a blast doing it.


What We Are NOT


We are here to give you options and great service.  You will never feel like you are being sold anything.


Many financial advisors run a transactional business.  Not us.  We believe in building lasting relationships through a unique financial planning experience.


We are here to give you advice.  Yes, we manage assets in support of your overall plan, but we aren’t here to open accounts just for the sake of opening accounts.  You matter to us and we want to help you succeed.

Set It And Forget It

Ever worked with an advisor before and felt neglected?  It happens far too often.  We believe in meeting with our clients on a regular basis to track progress and make changes when necessary.

How We Communicate With Our Clients

We have two separate offices in which we serve our clients, one in Granger/South Bend, Indiana and another in Indianapolis, Indiana.  However, with technology we are able to have clients anywhere across the United States.  Our planning software is all web-based and we are able to give you great client-service regardless of location.  We like to hold 2-3 client meetings per year.  We know you are busy and getting busier by the day, but we still want to reach you to get you timely information.  This is why we send out a monthly e-newsletter to keep you up-to-date on what’s going on in the world of financial planning as well as what is going on at Integrity Wealth Advisors.  Of course, you can reach out to us whenever it is needed.  We aren’t lawyers, you’re never on the clock.  You hire us for a reason, to help you remove the guesswork from your complicated financial picture.  

How Does All Of This Sound?

Let’s schedule a time for a brief money chat.  We will simply get to know each other better.  I’d love to learn about your financial goals, dreams, concerns, and progress.  There will be no sales pitches or pressure of any sort.  After chatting, we can determine whether we are a good fit together and if we should proceed.  If we aren’t a good fit, no problem!  At least I will try to answer any questions you have and I will do my best to steer you in the right direction.

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